Happy New Year!

As we move forward in 2014, it also provides us an opportunity to reflect back to see our progress.  One of our goals continues to be preventing child abuse through communication and education.  Finding opportunities to aid in communication and education of our children is critical to reduce and eliminate traumatic events.  January 2013, Elaine Carroll’s children’s book, Freddy Keeps Ellie Safe, was released.  This book specifically introduces potential danger by someone they both know.  (Over 75% of the children are abducted and abused by someone they know.)

It is the story of a young boy who has been tasked to keep his sister safe on their walk to school.  Freddy and Ellie’s mother, Ellen, had started to work and could no longer walk them to school.  Ellen had them practice walking to school.  She gave them “rules” to follow to be safe.  At first Freddy didn’t mind it but then Ellie began to dawdle.   Freddy was put to the test.

This book provides an avenue for parents and teachers to talk with their children about being safe. It is an excellent read for prevention. It provides parents an avenue to talk about being safe walking to school and other places they may go. It offers parents the opportunity to tell their children who is safe to be around.

Consider the following actions to prevent child abuse with the children in your life:

  • Checking out the resources that are available for teachers and your children that provide information on keeping children safe.
  • Establishing communication with your child(ren) so they feel able to come to you for help at any time regardless of time, place, and or circumstance. What alert system do you have in place so your children can let you or your backup (family/friends) know when they need help or have a problem and need to talk?

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